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Air-boards and Snowmobiles in Furano


Enjoy Snowmobiles and Air-boards

Winter activity you can enjoy in Hokkaido is not only Ski or Snowboarding!
The easiest winter activities that you don’t need to practice like ski or snowboard are snowmobile and airboard.




Hokkaido’s smooth powder snow is perfect for snowmobiles and air-boards! Unlike skiing and snowboarding, you do not need any special skills to ride them.

What is Snowmobile like?

 A snowmobile is a motorbike that runs on snow and is usually used to climb up snowy hills. Some of you may have already seen it at a ski resort. It can be ridden by one to two persons, and can only be used over snow and ice. It can be enjoyed by anyone as you do not need a license to drive it.

Perfect for Beginners!


A snowmobile is large in size and only has an accelerator pedal, a brake, and a steering wheel! Everyone can drive it except for small children. Our experienced guide will teach you how to ride a snowmobile before the tour starts, and the operation will be very simple. It will be similar to operating go-karts. In addition, a private ski slope will be provided for this tour, keeping it safe for everyone. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about bumping into others. However, please be considerate of other participants too.

What are Air-boards?

エアボードAir-board is a new winter sport from Switzerland and is completely different from ordinary sledding. They are inflated with air and you have to ride it on your stomach.In addition to this, you will have to use your weight to change directions and make turns. The sensation you get from the speed will fascinate you greatly! It can get very fast, so you will get to jump and play tricks like skis and snowboards.


From these characteristics, they are slowly getting noticed by the people around the world. Air-boards are also gaining its popularity in Japan. For instance, since 2011, “VIVA Cup Air-board Tournament” gets held annually in Kenbuchicho, Furano.

How Safe is it?


Unlike skis and snowboards, you won’t have to waste time practicing on a flat surface. Air-board is equipped with a ski-like edge on the rear side of the board, so you can easily control its direction and turns by shifting your weight. When stopping, spin the board to a 90° angle. All the operations are simple enough even for beginners!

Enjoy Furano’s Powder Snow


Snow quality in Hokkaido is said to be the finest in Japan, and Furano’s snow quality is also exceptional. It will feel as if you are sliding on the clouds if you air-board on Furano’s powder snow.

What to wear for Snowmobiles and Air-boards


Not only will you be outside for a long time, but these two winter sports are very speedy, causing you to encounter lots of wind. Therefore, make sure to cover your feet and neck to prevent wind from coming in.

We also recommend you to wear a ski-wear or a snowboard-suit. If you don’t own one, make sure to wear waterproof/cold-proof clothes. In addition to this, wear long boots, a knit hat (*very important to cover your ears) and gloves. With all these kept in mind, we are very sure you will enjoy snowboarding/air-boarding on Furano’s perfect powder snow.

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