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Ice Smelt Fishing in Furano

ice fishing

Smelt Ice Fishing in Hokkaido


Smelt fishing is a very popular winter activity in Hokkaido, Japan. There is one popular fishing spot in Furano where fishing lovers from all over Japan gather. Smelt fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed regardless of the season, but the most popular season to do it will be winter.
ワカサギ釣りWe use a special tool to open a round hole in a frozen lake to fish smelts that are beneath the ice. Late December to March will be the best timing to go smelt fishing in Furano, Hokkaido as the lake completely freezes, making it solid enough for us to walk and even run over it.

Easy for Beginners too!


Even if you are a beginner at fishing, please don’t worry! The fishing rod used for smelt fishing is light and small and is simple to use. For that reason, even beginners and children can enjoy it to the fullest.
ワカサギ釣りYou will also be taught by our experienced guides on how to fish, so feel free to ask questions at any time. In general, smelts have collective behavior, so unlike regular fishing, there is a high probability for you to catch multiple smelts at one shot. Smelt fishing is a simple and easy-to-enjoy activity, so everyone is welcome to join us!

Why Furano is the Perfect Place for Smelt Fishing

かなやま湖・カヌーThe biggest charm of smelt fishing is the freshly caught smelt tempura (deep fried in batter) you will get to eat right after. Smelts are delicious in general, but the smelts you catch in Furano are the best in taste because they live in a very clean lake. “Kanayama Lake” and “Katsurazawa Lake” in Furano are two lakes that we conduct our tours in, and both lakes boast the best water quality in Hokkaido. Water from “Katsurazawa Lake” is even used as a drinking water!ワカサギ釣りツアー Imagine eating a fish that lives in such high-quality water. We can guarantee you will enjoy everything from fishing to tasting!


Just Bring Yourself!



All the necessary pieces of equipment from fishing rods to tents are all provided by us! So don’t worry about bringing anything but yourself to this tour.

Please keep warm with extra caution!


However, we do recommend you to wear lots of warm clothes, especially something like ski-wears, knit hats, and gloves for this activity. Your feet will especially get cold, so try to wear cold-weather shoes and boots instead of regular sneakers/shoes. We also have rental winter/snow boots available if needed (fees will apply). Please notify us when you make the reservation.

ワカサギ釣りSmelt fishing in winter is one of the traditional winter activities in Hokkaido! Please enjoy this unique experience when you visit Furano.


You can join Ice Smelt Fishing in Furano area too! If you prefer to join in Sapporo, click the link.

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