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Motor Paraglider in Furano

motor paraglider

Paraglider in Furano

If you have a chance to visit Furano, we recommend our motor paraglider tour to everyone interested in flying!

For a regular paraglider, you will have to jump from a high place for it to fly. However, a motor paraglider can fly upward even from a flat land because it’s equipped with a motor. Its altitude can be controlled freely as well.

モーターパラグライダーとはIn this tour, you will be riding with our veteran guide with over 20 years of experience. He/She will be in charge of the operation, so you won’t need to do anything during the tour. Just enjoy the scenery and run a few steps before the take-off. A view of Furano from the sky is spectacular!

Scenery of Furano from the sky


Our motor paraglider tour in Furano has various unique characteristics, as the four seasons are particularly rich in Furano. First of all, fields covered in green plants and colorful flowers spread in warm seasons, while you will enjoy a Hokkaido-like landscape covered in pure white snow during winter. In addition, you will also see a group of mountains called “Daisetsuzan”.

Daisetsuzan changes its color every season and is very beautiful. Moreover, you may also encounter a sea-of-clouds: which is a rare phenomenon of clouds spreading like a sea beneath you. This can only be seen from a high altitude in early mornings but has become very popular, attracting tourists from around the world. Although there is a very low chance for this to happen when you paraglide, we invite you to join our tour!

It will be a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience


Many first-timers may think paragliding is scary, but we want you to feel more relaxed about it.
Motor paragliders can fly safely by parachuting even when the engine is turned off. In addition, it won’t feel like skydiving as it flies very slowly. Motor paragliding will be relaxing and meditating as you feel the wind and watch the beautiful nature of Hokkaido from the sky.

What to Wear


An ideal weight for paragliding is between 40 – 70 kg. If your weight is above or below this, please contact us before making a reservation. In addition, paragliding is greatly influenced by wind conditions.
For safety purposes, flights will not be carried unless all the safety conditions are met. Since the temperature is lower in high-altitude, we ask you to wear an extra layer of warm clothing during the tour. Long-sleeved shirts and long pants are also recommended even for warm seasons.
Moreover, be careful not to drop your belongings such as your glasses and cameras during the flight. We will not be responsible for any losses or damages.

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