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How to enjoy Hokkaido’s grand nature

hokkaido summer

Many visitors to Hokkaido oftentimes question just how much they can experience the abundant nature of Hokkaido. Starting with the Shiretoko Peninsula that’s listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, there are many more sites that allow visitors to enjoy and experience Hokkaido’s abundant nature.

furano winter

Hokkaido offers great sights throughout the year across all 4 seasons. To visitors who want to make the most out of their trip by immersing themselves in nature, Basho trip highly recommends the nature tours – immersive tours that can be enjoyed by participants of all ages. Visitors can set off on an adventure-like experience with a knowledgeable tour guide!

What can visitors do in Hokkaido’s nature tours?


Nature tours introduced by Basho trip are designed to fit the needs of the travelers – tours that run for a few hours to even half a day are available. For example, there are tours that let visitors harvest crops at a local farm and eat delicious Hokkaido vegetables right afterwards, as well as camping tours that immerse visitors in Hokkaido’s great natural forests. The shorter tours are recommended for first-time visitors who want to cover a lot of ground in Hokkaido during their visit, while the longer, half-day tours are recommended for visitors who’ve been to Hokkaido in the past and interested in trying something new.

Nature spots near Sapporo

sapporo nature

Nature tours offered in the Sapporo area will guide visitors through Maruyama Park, an easily accessible park in Sapporo that will leave visitors wondering if they truly are in the biggest city of Hokkaido. While sipping on coffee, visitors will be able to enjoy the lush greens of the park and the diverse animals that call the park their home. Tours that provide a picnic lunch in the middle of the park are offered as well. The great perk of Sapporo’s nature tour is the simple convenience – no need to travel far from your hotel to actually get started on the tour!

Nature spots near Asahikawa and Furano

treasure hunt

Although there are many nature tours offered in the Asahikawa/Furano area, we highly recommend the primeval forest tour in Furano. This summertime-exclusive tours bring visitors to the park to experience the lush greens and full of nature. The abundant ecosystem of animals and insects in the park make this a popular tour amongst children as well.

furano winter tour

During the wintertime, visitors can participate in separate nature tours to see ‘frost flowers’ or the mystical morning fog – these natural phenomena can only be appreciated during Hokkaido’s frigid cold weather. As such, there are plenty of tours that can be enjoyed across the different seasons.

Things to keep in mind before joining a nature tour

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One thing to keep in mind is the clothing – make sure to wear clothes that can get dirty as you’ll be immersing yourself in nature. Also, bring multiple layers as the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime can be drastic.

spring in furano

When walking through forests and parks, keep in mind that we are entering the natural habitats of local deers and squirrels – please be mindful not to disrupt their homes!

biei in winter

Please consider joining a nature tour during your next visit to Hokkaido!

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