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Package Tour Around Hokkaido

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Package Tour Around Hokkaido (Depart from Sapporo)

Hokkaido is known to be a top class tourist destination in Japan, with notable cities like Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate, Asahikawa, and Furano.

Many visitors might want to hit up both frequently visited attraction spots as well as hidden gems alike, but  might not be entirely sure on the best way to get around.

For such visitors, we highly recommend this package tour that will take you to all the Hokkaido hot spots with a local guide.

All tours start and end in Sapporo, so it’s recommended for visitors who want to use Sapporo as a home base for all their travels.

Otaru’s “Shakotan Blue” / Yoichi’s Whiskey


Hokkaido’s surely well-known for its nature, but have you ever heard of the blue ocean near Otaru commonly referred to as the “Shakotan Blue”? As the name suggests, this area of beautiful blue waters is located along the coastline of Otaru. The contrast between the greens of the mountains and the blue waters and skies is surely a sight to behold. The tour that visits the Shimamui Coast (selected as Top 100 Beautiful Waters of Japan) and Cape Shakotan is a popular attraction.

Tours that provide a lunch meal showcasing Shakotan’s popular seafood are also available, so it’s a great way to enjoy Hokkaido as well.

Near the Shakotan Blues is a Nikka Whiskey distillery in the city of Yoichi, founded by Masataka Taketsuru, often called the “father of Japanese whiskey.” This 2nd whiskey distillery in Japan offers tours that show the production process of whiskey, as well as a whiskey taste testing session for adults – surely you can enjoy a full day here.

Visit Biei and Furano’s Top Attraction Spots (From Sapporo)

富良野GWWe also recommend a day trip that takes you from Sapporo to Biei and Furano’s main attraction points. The tour will make stops to the blue pond in Biei, as well as the Ningle Terrace shopping area and the flower fields in Furano. Lunch will showcase locally grown food in Biei, allowing visitors to enjoy a wide assortment of produce that may be harder to find in other cities like Sapporo and Otaru.富良野

The Biei/Furano tour also offers a different ‘garden tour’ that will take visitors to the rainbow and lavender flower fields (flowers may change depending on season).

Mashike, Hokkaido – A Charming, Retro Town


It’s great to hit up all the famous cities in Hokkaido, but it might be a good change of pace to visit smaller cities that only locals know about. One such town is called Mashike-cho. 旧商家丸一本間家The town offers great views of the ocean and historic buildings, creating a nostalgic feel to the location.国稀

The Maruichi Honmake, a former merchant house built in the Meiji-era, or the northernmost Kunimae sake brewery are some of the historic buildings that this tour will visit.

Tour to View the Most Beautiful Lake in Japan


Situated not too far from Sapporo is Lake Shikotsu, known for the #1 water quality in Japan. As part of Hokkaido’s 2 largest lakes, the other being Lake Toya, Lake Shikotsu offers water activities such as kayaking and standup paddleboarding. Tours offered by Basho Trip include a visit to an observatory that overlooks the two lakes, an animal farm visit to play with animals, and a gelato tasting time. The tour is recommended for those who want to experience nature, animals, and sweets – all the great perks of Hokkaido.

A Tour Like Nothing Else


This tour is made for visitors who don’t want to simply visit attractions spots listed on guidebooks. Of course, popular attractions are great to visit, but Hokkaido is filled with many places that are often under the radar.

If you’re visiting Hokkaido, please try to visit places that’s liked by locals as well!

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