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Rafting in Asahikawa and Furano


What is rafting like in Furano?


Rafting is an activity in which 5 ~ 8 people row down a river on a raft boat. In a fast, intense stream, rafting will be like a roller coaster.  Very thrilling and exciting. In a calm river, it will be a more relaxing activity in which you will get to enjoy the scenery and nature.
Like so, rafting has various ways to enjoy depending on the river types and members participating. In any case, it is a recommended activity for everyone from a couple to a family. Furano and Asahikawa are the popular destinations for rafting because they have the most number of rivers throughout Hokkaido.
As rafting is not a difficult activity, even children and elder people can join and enjoy!

Asahikawa / Furano Area – A Sanctuary for Rafting


Rafting-lovers from around the world make a visit to Hokkaido for its abundant nature and rivers. Especially Furano and Asahikawa are known as sanctuaries for rafting.
For example, “Mukawa” is said to have the strongest torrent in Hokkaido. “Sorachi river” attracts many people by the beauty of its water quality and vast nature.
“Biei river” is so blue, it is also known as the “blue river”. There are also other famous rivers such as “Chubetsu River” flowing from a beautiful valley called “Tenn-ninnkyo”.
In our rafting tours, all participants will be asked to wear a life jacket. Therefore, you could jump into the river and enjoy swimming too!

What to Wear


You will wear a wet suit or a dry suit while rafting, so usually your clothes will not get wet with a slight splash. However, it wouldn’t be fun if you have to worry about your clothes getting wet. Therefore, make sure to prepare a change and a towel.
Rafting can be enjoyed in warmer seasons, but the water temperature of the rivers in Hokkaido can be extremely low even during summer. We ask everyone to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants for all seasons. We also advise you not to expose your skin other than the time between late July to early August.

Rafting in Asahikawa and Furano is an All-Weather Activity!


Even if it rains a little, we won’t cancel the rafting tour! In fact, since rain increases the water amount of the river, it makes the tour more fun! However, keep in mind that the tour will be canceled if the rain is too heavy or the water-level rises too much. We recommended this tour to everyone as it can be enjoyed regardless of the weather!

Everyone is Welcome!


Rafting is an activity that can only be enjoyed in a group, so make sure to join with friends, couples, and families!
It will also be fun to join rafting with another group. Those who have participated in our rafting tour usually tell us that their bonds and friendships grew stronger after they finished rafting.
Please take this opportunity to make a new memory in Hokkaido!

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