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Snorkeling & Diving in Sapporo and Otaru


The region around Otaru and Chitose, known for its unique snorkeling spots, attracts tourists from around the world.For instance, Shakotan Peninsula, located off of Otaru and the west coast of Hokkaido, is known for its blue water. It is called “Shakotan Blue” and loved by the people of Hokkaido. Shakotan Blue becomes its most beautiful iconic blue color from June through August.

Diving and snorkeling at the most beautiful lake in Japan

Snorkeling in the ocean isn’t the only spot to go in Hokkaido. Lake Shikotsu, located close to Chitose City, is ranked as the most transparent lake in Japan by official studies done by the Japanese government for over 11 consecutive years.


Because of the transparency of the water, on sunny days you would be able to see the mountainscape reflecting like a mirror off of the lake. 支笏湖

It is a place with breathtakingly crystal-clear waters, yet is easily accessible from Chitose City, Shin-Chitose Airport, and Sapporo by a one hour car ride!


River snorkeling at the most beautiful river in Japan

In addition to Lake Shikotsu, you can enjoy river snorkeling at Chitose River, which flows from Shikotsu Lake. 

Subsequently, this river is the most transparent river in Japan, and you would be able to enjoy aquatic plants and thousands of small fish.

リバーシュノーケルDon’t worry, those people who aren’t confident in swimming can wear dry suits, which allows you to float. Also, enjoy the tour by holding on to the boat if you choose. 
リバーシュノーケルPictures that were taken during your trip will be provided to you at no additional cost, so you can leave with a memento.

Your first lake diving experience in clear water

In addition to river snorkeling, at Lake Shikotsu we introduce a diving package for beginners. 


A lot of participants in this package tend to be those who prefer to go diving for the first time in a lake as opposed to the ocean. 

We will gradually go into the deeper area after the lecture and as you have gotten used to breathing.


At Lake Shikotsu, you will be able to see freshwater fish as well as underwater grasses you wouldn’t be able to see in the ocean. 


Do not forget to capture the underwater scenic forest at the bottom of the lake.


All lake diving pictures will be provided without any additional cost.

Chitose Baikamo (Ranunculus yesoensis),a flower grown in water, is a natural monument visible from July to September. 

支笏湖ダイビングGetting an opportunity to see the white flowers blooming from under water is not your everyday occurrence. Divers from all over Japan come just to see these flowers.

What is unique about the snorkeling tour in Otaru?

Snorkeling while surrounded by colorful fish in a tropical resort; this is most likely the standard image of snorkeling that many people have. However, snorkeling in Hokkaido is an experience like no other. You cannot miss out on the mystical Blue Cave; a must-see! 青の洞窟シュノーケル

The Blue Cave is created by the angle at which the sunlight strikes the Shakotan Blue ocean water and its terrain; truly a work of art created by mother nature.青の洞窟シュノーケル

Depending on the weather of that day, if you are lucky, it will look like the entire cave is lit in blue. 
青の洞窟シュノーケルThe snorkeling tour would be led by an experienced guide who is well prepared. You will be wearing a life jacket, but if you become tired or lose confidence while swimming, simply grab on to the instructor’s float to take a rest. Your experience will be safe and secured. Sit back, relax and enjoy your once in a lifetime experience; a completely different snorkeling experience to one in tropical resorts. 
青の洞窟シュノーケルYou must not miss this opportunity if ever in the Otaru area.

Just bring yourself to enjoy snorkeling &diving in Otaru and Chitose.

Whether it is snorkeling or diving in the Blue Cave or Shikotsu Lake, we rent out everything you need for the tour. Life jackets and dry suits for snorkeling will be free. As previously mentioned, the data for pictures that were taken during the tour will be included in your package. All you need are the clothes on your back, and you can leave everything else up to us. You will be wearing long sleeves and long pants for dives (you would not get wet if you wear a dry suit) since the water in Hokkaido will be cold regardless of the season. For snorkeling, you will be wearing a bathing suit underneath a wet suit.


You have nothing to worry about even if you are a beginner in diving or snorkeling. A well-experienced instructor who resides in Hokkaido will be there during the tour. Don’t worry if you aren’t good at swimming or have never done snorkeling, the instructor will gently guide you through.

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