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SUP in Sapporo and Otaru


About SUP, the popular activity in Otaru/Sapporo


SUP is an acronym for standup paddlesurfing (or paddleboarding), a new water activity that’s gaining popularity.

The activity uses a thick, long paddleboard similar to the ones used for surfing – the board provides great balance, and participants use paddles to move across the water. Unlike surfing, this activity can be enjoyed even when there aren’t any waves, as well as in rivers and lakes!

SUPThere also are multiple ways to enjoy paddleboarding – SUP cruising, SUP fishing, and SUP surfing to name a few.

SUP surfingAs there is no need to wait for the waves in the cold water like surfing, SUP can be enjoyed for a relatively longer portion of the year in Hokkaido, roughly from April to October. 

SUPAs long as there is no snow, SUP can be enjoyed almost any time of the year. People might often associate SUP with more tropical locations, but recently a lot of tourists have been going to Hokkaido to enjoy SUP throughout the year in very clear waters.

SUPLake Shikotsu, located not too far from Sapporo and Otaru, is a popular destination for SUP enthusiasts who want to experience the activity in the lake’s pristine waters. The area of ocean known as “Shakotan Blue” near Otaru is also a popular destination as it gives visitors a chance to experience SUP in the blue caves.

The SUP surfing packages are easily accessible by car and recommended during your next visit to Hokkaido, even if you don’t have prior surfing experience.

SUP is a highly beginner-friendly activity!

SUPThe main reasons why SUP is gaining popularity around the world are due to its ease of balance and maneuverability. First timers can easily manage to stand on the board and traverse across the waters. Those who may not be too confident on standing entirely straight up can begin by standing on their knees initially. This is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by men and women, young and old.


SUP can be enjoyed on any body of water. SUP cruising tours are offered in Otaru’s coastal waters, commonly referred to as the “Shakotan Blue” for its beautiful colors, as well as the nearby blue cave system. SUP can also be enjoyed at Lake Shikotsu, a location easily accessble by car from Shinchitose Airport. 

Lake Shikotsu’s waters are so clear that it’ll leave SUP participants feeling like they’re floating in the air. 

SUPThere are also tours that take you to coasts not too far from Sapporo city center, so it’s recommended for travelers who want use Sapporo as a base for their sightseeing activities. These tours are also popular among locals as it comes with a seasoned guide who will instruct the basics of SUP.

SUP tours inside Otaru’s blue caves

SUP, sometimes referred to as “bikes on water,” is much easier to maneuver than some people may think. Unlike a normal bike, SUPs can take you to places that not many can access.

SUP tour

For example, the blue caves near Otaru can only be accessed by small boats, kayaks, and SUPs. Traveling to the blue caves on a SUP will leave participants feeling like they’re discovering a hidden spot.

sup blue caveHaving the freedom to travel at your own pace is also another appeal of SUP. Paddling across the waters while taking in the Hokkaido nature with your body will surely be a great stress reliever! It might take some time to get the hang of balancing on a board in the initial tries, but once you get used to it you’ll be on your merry way! 

Even if you fall over, you’ll be falling into water so nothing to worry about!

Reasons why SUP is popular among women


The number of people attempting SUP is increasing around the world, but even more so amongst the female population. Reason being, SUP is a great way to stay fit as it works out your core muscles. It’s not as intense as a gym workout, but just enough to leave your body slightly sore after a SUP session. “SUP yogas” are starting to become popular in locations like Hawaii, and gaining traction among women who want to maintain their beauty.

supSUP tours in the Otaru/Sapporo areas introduced by Basho trip are more focused on cruising tours and SUP surfing tours, but this could be a good reason to take on SUP yogas if you ever find yourself traveling in Hawaii next!

You can join these SUP tours empty-handed! Also comes with pictures


Of course, there is no need to bring any equipment to these SUP tours – the only thing required are swimsuits. For those who are afraid of getting their smartphones and cameras wet, this SUP tour offers a service where the tour guides will take pictures of you. Photos will be shared with you at the end of the tour.

SUP tour

For summertime participants, don’t forget your sunscreen! Swimsuits that cover your entire arms are suggested for those who are concerned about getting sunburnt. For autumn and springtime participants, don’t forget to bring plenty of warm clothes to change into after the activity. 

 SUP tour you can enjoy only in Hokkaido

SUPFloating on a paddleboard on Hokkaido waters will surely be a memorable experience. Hokkaido is abundant in nature. At times you can stop paddling and instead relax by sitting or laying down on your board – it’s very refreshing to feel nature with all your five senses. We’re confident that a SUP tour in Hokkaido will be a memorable experience!

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