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Canoeing and Kayaking in Furano


Canoeing and Kayaking in Furano


We assume many of you have experienced either canoeing or kayaking once in their lifetime. Even if you haven’t, don’t worry much because these activities are simple and super fun. Many tourists come to Furano for canoeing and kayaking as they are one of the most popular activities in the Furano area. They are considered a ‘must’ summer activity in Furano.

Canoeing is Actually a Generic Term

Canoe refers to anything that “transports materials over water with a human power” and what is commonly called as a canoe is usually a Canadian canoe.

カヌーCanadian canoes are stable on water and perfect for fishing. Moreover, only one side of the paddle has a blade. Like shown in this picture, they are suited for a calm cruise down a river.

Kayaks are originally used for hunting and can make quick and small turns easily. Your lower body completely fits when you ride it and both sides of the paddle have blades. Compared to Canadian canoes, it is harder to stabilize on water but is speedier.

There is also a kayak that inflates with air. This type is called a “Ducky” and is very popular because they can be easily stored at home. It is called so because the butt of the kayak wiggles as it moves down a river.
Don’t forget that Canadian Canoe, Kayak, and Ducky are all canoes!

How to enjoy Canoeing

Canoe (Canadian Canoe) is highly stable, so it is easy to enjoy for anyone from kids to elderies without any experiences or practice.

It will be very good experience for old couples.


Also, it will be a good chance to have Father and Son bonding activities.親子でカヌーCanoeing is the best to enjoy Hokkaido’s beautiful nature .


Sometimes, you might be able to take photos like one scene in movies.

How to Enjoy Kayaking in Furano


Since kayaks can only be ridden by one person, they may sound a little challenging for first-timers. However, kayaks are a great choice for beginners because they are easy to operate, compared to other canoes. Kayaks are fast in speed and perfect for long distance travel. They are very stable on water and can be ridden with pets too.
ペットとカヤックIn addition, kayaking allows you to move down a river with the same eye level as waterfowls, allowing you to enjoy bird watching at the same time. A perfect way to enjoy the beautiful nature of Furano.

カヤックMoreover, since rivers come in various shapes, width and length, you can enjoy kayaking in multiple ways. For instance, if you would like to check out the autumn leaves, we can arrange the tour to go through a calm river so that you can focus more on enjoying the scenery.


Enjoying Inflatable Kayak- “Ducky” in Furano

Ducky is an inflatable kayak which can be ridden by 1~2 people. Compared to Kayaks, it is stable and easy to handle.

You will need to cooperate well with your partner to move forward and make turns. (Done by rowing and shifting weights) You can challenge yourself by trying out heavy and strong streams or move down a calm river stream in our tours. In addition, compared to kayaks and canoes, duckies are easier to turn over even if they flip, making them perfect for beginners and those who are scared of water. If you find a place where the river flow is relatively calm, try jumping into the water too. It will be very refreshing!

At Treasure Furano, we offer tours for Canadian Canoes, Kayaks, and Duckies. Our veteran guides will help you choose the best activity based on your preferences!

Just Bring Yourself!

ペットとカヌーAll the Furano Canoeing tours can be participated without bringing anything special. Canadian canoes are highly stable, so your clothes will not get wet, but for the other two, try wearing clothes that can be wet.  Just a reminder that rivers in Furano have the clearest water in Japan, so either way, we recommend you to bring swimwear, towels and a change so that you can jump into the river for a quick swim!

In addition, all safety equipment for canoes and kayaks such as helmets and life jackets will be prepared by us. If you wish to participate with pets, please bring your own pet life jackets. We won’t be providing these. Moreover, seasonal weathers change dramatically in Furano.

Keep in mind that water temperature will be cold even between July to August. Early mornings and evenings can get a little chilly too. Make sure to bring sweaters, hoodies, and windbreakers.

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