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Cooking Class in Sapporo and Otaru

soba cooking class

Cooking Class in Sapporo

If you enjoy sightseeing in Japan, why don’t you learn about Japanese cuisine? Hokkaido is famous for having the most gourmet spots in Japan, and here are some of the most popular cooking experiences in Hokkaido.

There are many activities to experience cooking in Sapporo, such as learning to make soba noodles from a famous chef. You can visit sightseeing spots, fill your stomach at popular gourmet spots, and return to your hotel… but why don’t you try various experiences that only Sapporo can offer?

Soba making class in Sapporo

そば打ちCooking class in Sapporo where you can actually learn from professionals is the Soba noodle making experience. In the heart of Hokkaido, Sapporo, you can experience making soba noodles at a restaurant loved by locals for many years.


You will get soba making class at a soba specialty restaurant called Kikouan, which has a very stylish atmosphere.

The restaurant serves a buckwheat noodle called “Nihachi Soba,” which is made with 80% buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour, and is said to be the golden ratio of soba perfected in the Edo period.

This is a rare and precious plan in Japan to experience making soba noodles, which you can enjoy the crispy texture and slippery throat by learning directly from an artisan at a famous restaurant.


喜香庵After making your own soba, you can try the soba you made yourself, but there is also a super-luxurious plan where you can enjoy a soba kaiseki course that includes tasting four kinds of Japanese sake! It might be a good idea to enjoy a delicious sake as a little reward for working hard and taking on new challenges. Of course, if you can’t drink alcohol or are underage, we have other plans for you too.

 Japanese Tea Ceremony in Sapporo


It might also be interesting for you to learn the tea ceremony from professionals. You will learn how to enter a tea room, how to sit, how to enjoy tea, and other traditional Japanese manners. It should be a part of Japanese culture, but there are not many people who understand the essence of it even for Japanese, and it has become something extraordinary. If you’re in a different mood than usual, a trip to Sapporo is a great way to experience something extraordinary! Please come and experience the 60 minutes that will make you feel calm and dignified.

A tour of Sapporo’s most popular wineries


The last thing we would like to introduce to you is a winery tour in the suburbs of Sapporo, which may be a little different from the image of a cooking class!

In fact, Hokkaido is known as one of the most famous wine producing regions in Japan. In fact, the plan that you can join is to drive in Sapporo and visit small wineries in the suburbs of Sapporo, such as Iwamizawa and Mikasa.


In this plan, you can get access to the actual vineyards where the wine grapes are grown. This tour will take you on a scenic stroll through the vineyards, listen to detailed stories about the vineyards, and of course, taste the wines!

In addition, you can eat lunch or dinner depending on the time of day, so you can enjoy delicious Hokkaido cuisine. This is a must-see activity for all wine lovers, so be sure to make your reservations as soon as you decide to travel!

Bring Japanese cooking tips to your home

It’s not easy to learn about traditional Japanese cuisine.
If you come to Sapporo for sightseeing, please learn about Japanese culture through cooking experience.


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