Rental Bicycle in Otaru


Why we recommend you to rent a bicycle in Otaru


The city of Otaru is full of popular attractions for tourists, including glass studios, delicious seafood, and retro canals.
The city of Otaru has a unique topography, with one side facing the sea and the other three sides facing the mountains.
That’s why there are many slopes in Otaru city, but thanks to that, you can enjoy a spectacular ocean view from everywhere in Otaru city.

otaru canalHowever, despite the fact that there are many spots, the biggest problem for tourists is the lack of time to visit them.
It takes a long time to get around on foot, and buses are limited by timetables, so many people are looking for the best way to get around.

We recommend that you rent a bike to get around Otaru, which is the perfect way to get around.

The Bike Rentals are Right in Front of the Train Station!


When you are abroad, knowing where to rent a bike is incredibly important, but no need to worry about this when you get to Otaru! rental bike map

The bike rentals are right infront of the train station.
That’s right, the bikes available for rent on Basho Trip are an approximate 0 minute walk away from the train station.
As you will likely come by train from Sapporo, this will definitely make your trip much easier.


What to wear when renting a bike in Otaru

rental bike in otaru

If you use rental bicycle, make sure you’re wearing the right clothes for cycling.
In the summer season from June to August, even in Otaru, we have hot days.
In the autumn from September to October, you can already feel the arrival of winter.
Please wear a coat or other clothing to protect yourself from the cold and enjoy renting a bike.

3 types of bikes for rental bike in Otaru

When renting a bike in Otaru, there are three different types of bikes to choose from to suit your mood.
If you are looking for a bike that fits in with the cute streets of Otaru, we recommend the Mini Velo Bicycle (Type A), which has small tires and a compact size.

If you prefer a regular bicycle, we recommend a city bike (B type).
The best feature of all is that it comes with a large basket. It’s a bigger basket than a minivelo, so you can store a lot of souvenirs if you’ve bought too many while sightseeing.

But if you’re worried about many slopes of Otaru, we’ve got electric bicycles for you.
The motor of the electric bike gives you a boost of pedaling, so you can enjoy cycling in Otaru with ease.
Of course, you can use it even on a flat road.

You can also leave your luggage when you rent a bike

otaru_rentalbikeWhat’s more, if you use bike rental services, you can get a free baggage check service.
You can rent a bike before and after you check out of the hotel with no worries.
If you’re ever in Otaru, we hope you’ll take a bike rental to enjoy many attractions!

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