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Horseback Riding in Asahikawa and Furano


Horseback Riding in Asahikawa and Furano


Asahikawa and Furano are all popular tourist destinations in Hokkaido.
What kind of sceneries do you wish to see when you are here? A vast field of green grass or a land covered in a blanket of snow?
Hokkaido’s tourist destinations are largely affected by seasonal changes, and sometimes you may not be able to do the things you were planning to.
If that is the case, we highly recommend you to join our horseback riding tour.
It basically can be enjoyed at any season, and you will get to experience the real nature of Hokkaido too!

What is it like to go Horseback Riding in Asahikawa and Furano?


For those who have never been horseback riding, it may be difficult to imagine what it will be like. Horseback riding is a sport, so you may find yourself tired or with a muscle ache afterwards, and this is completely normal.
乗馬It will be an amazing experience, bonding with your partnered horse, exercising and sightseeing all at once. It is also said to have a therapeutical effect on your body and mind. How great is that?! This will be perfect for everyone, from children to adults, family, friends and couples.

But it’s my first time! Will I be ok?


DON’T worry! We understand you may feel a little anxious about this riding a horse. You may having some scary thoughts of the worst case scenario of what could happen. But don’t let your imagination go wild. We have a professional instructor who will be by your side at all times, training you and teaching you everything you need to know about horseback riding. On the other hand, if you are experienced in horseback riding, our instructor will change around the tour to fit your level, so we invite all levels to join our tour.

What NOT to Do


Please do not pull on the rein too hard when the horse isn’t listening to you. This may hurt or scare the horse. Horses will sense your feelings, so try to relax and be calm during the whole course. Also, try to communicate with your partnered horse by talking to him/her and petting his/her back, head or the neck area when you are riding him/her. This will strengthen the bond between you and the horse.

In general, horseback riding can be enjoyed by everyone, but if you are pregnant or have any kind of health complications, please consult with your doctor before making a reservation. Thank you.

Riding Through the Beautiful Nature of Hokkaido


Furano and Asahikawa have beautiful four seasons, and are perfect to visit during all the seasons. Our horseback riding tour not only focuses on the actual horseback riding, but it also incorporates the beauty of these two locations. During summer, you will be riding through the prairie of Hokkaido. In winter, you will be riding through a snow covered forest and field.
If you are lucky, you may encounter wild animals on the way too! Doesn’t this sound exciting?!

Recommendations on What to Wear


When joining our horseback riding tour, please come in a comfortable clothes such as long pants and sneakers. Avoid wearing short skirts, short pants, and heels.
Try to wear warm clothes (hats/beanies/gloves/etc.) if you plan to come during winter since the temperature drops below zero at times in Furano and Asahikawa. Other than that, there really isn’t anything for you to prepare!
乗馬There is also a cafe at the Asahikawa horse ranch, so we recommend you to stop-by for a coffee and a cake after the tour. We are sure you will enjoy their company as they are all well-trained and people-lovers.

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