Kimono Rental Experience in Sapporo and Otaru

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Enjoying Kimono Dressing at Sapporo & Otaru

kimonoKimono dressing is quickly becoming a popular activity amongst visitors gathering to Sapporo and Otaru.
Travelers often seek to partake in memorable experiences when visiting a new place – in addition to the great eats and the beautiful scenery, why not add a traditional kimono dressing session to add to your Japan memories?

kimono rentalFor example, a kimono dressing & walking tour in the historic city of Otaru is garnering attention – Otaru is a city that is home to many historic buildings, allowing visitors the chance to feel the nostalgic feel that is reminiscent of the Japanese taisho period.
Special kimono dressing plans in Sapporo paired with a photoshoot session is available as well.

Enjoying Kimono Dressing in Otaru

The first plan we want to feature is the kimono dressing tour in Otaru.
Otaru earned the nickname, ‘Wall Street of the north’ from the abundance of banks and trading companies that were fueled by the vibrant finance and fishing industry.
Many of the historic buildings that still stand to this day offer a nostalgic vibe that is atypical of a Japanese city.

Otaru was once home to a vibrant herring fishing industry as well.
Otaru Canal, a popular attraction point, was created to transport the goods from smaller ships to warehouses along the canal.

otaru canal

The Otaru Canal serves as a symbol of the city – the surrounding restaurants and retro brick warehouses provide a romantic atmosphere. The warehouses have since been renovated to house many restaurants and bars, and serve as a popular dining spot for many visitors.

This retro city transports visitors back in time, allowing them to experience a kimono dressing experience that’s different from what one will experience in Kyoto.
You can walk down the streets of Otaru in a kimono, imagining themselves to be in Japan in the taisho/early showa period.


Kimono dressing is not limited to one season and can be enjoyed throughout the year – please consider adding this to your itinerary during your next visit!

kimono retal

When you think of kimono dressing, you might imagine tours in Kyoto or Tokyo, but please consider refreshing yourself with a new, atypical dressing experience in Otaru!


Experiencing Ikebana and Tea Ceremony While Dressed in a Kimono

Kimono dressing plans introduced by Basho trip include ones that allow participants to experience ikebana (flower arrangement) and tea ceremony.


For the plans offered in Otaru, a set plan that combines the experience with an ikebana experience (with instructions from a proper instructor) are offered.
Flower arrangements can be brought back to the hotel to liven up the hotel rooms of the participants.kimonorental

A set plan that combines kimono dressing and a tea ceremony experience are also offered in Sapporo.
From learning how to enter the tea ceremony room, how to sit, how to take the Japanese snacks, and how to enjoy the tea itself, participants can join this popular plan to learn all about Japanese traditions and customs.

The tea ceremony instructor will carefully instruct participants on each step. Why not put on a traditional kimono and immerse yourself in a traditional Japanese experience?

Photoshoot With Your Rental Kimono

A photo studio is also provided for participants who partake in the kimono dressing experience in Sapporo

Using the studio pictured above, participants can pick out props to accompany their kimonos – feel free to take pictures using your own smartphones and cameras to make lasting memories!


Participants can take plenty of quality photos at the studio. If interested, participants can also venture outside and take photos in their kimonos next to historic locations as well!

Kimono Dressing Experience in Sapporo Has No Time Limit


Plans that allow participants to walk around the city of Sapporo in a kimono are offered as well.

One perk about the Sapporo plan – participants can take a stroll around the city for a fixed fee between 10am and 6pm.
Participants can walk around town without stressing over a time limit!
For those who are worried about getting tired walking around in a kimono, a city tour plan with a taxi guide is offered as well.

Let’s Enjoy a New Kind o Kimono Dressing Experience in Sapporo and Otaru

kimonorentalPlease consider the kimono dressing experience during your next visit to Sapporo and Otaru!

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