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Rental Bicycle in Asahikawa


Using Bike Rentals to get the most out of your Asahikawa trip!


Hokkaido is known for its beautiful, untouched nature, and the best way to experience Hokkaido’s nature is by renting a bike. Basho Trip offers rental bike services in both Asahikawa and Otaru.

Asahikawa has Amazing Access to Tourism and Bike Rental Spots.

Cycling is so popular in Asahikawa that there are several cycling roads, many of which run along the multiple rivers that flow through the city, allowing cyclists to enjoy nature.


Cycling down the rivers will feel great as you gaze at the Taisetu Mountain range covered in powered snow. Asahikawa is a compact town that has many tourist attractions, so cycling is one of the best ways to get around the city. For example, there is a very popular zoo at the foot of a mountain at the edge of Asahikawa. A trip to the zoo and back from the center of the city would be a lot of fun for someone who enjoys cycling, and as there is a lot of beautiful nature on the way, this would be a great way to experience Hokkaido’s nature first hand.

Where to Go When You Want to Cycle in Asahikawa

Like we mentioned above, there are a few official cycling roads recommended by the city. If you are interested in cycling to see the city, we recommended the family course or the riverside course.

Seeing the Rivers of Asahikawa: The Family Course旭川のサイクリングコース


This cycling course takes cyclists from Asahikawa station along the Asahi Bridge, around to the Asahikawa zoo, and ends at Tokiwa Park, a park used by locals every day. The Asahi Bridge is one of Hokkaido’s top three famous bridges, and thousands of bolts are used to hold together the arch-shaped bridge.


The light green color also gives it a historic feeling. The reason the bridge uses so many bolts lies in the bridge’s history. When the bridge was completed in 1932, war was close to Hokkaido. If Russia were to attack Asahikawa, the bolts from the bridge could be easily removed to take it apart. Hokkaido has historically been important for the Japanese military, and even now there is an army base there. The bridge is wide enough for military vehicles such as tanks to drive on, which makes it interesting to cross when you are driving a normal car.

If you didn’t know any better, the Asahi bridge is just a bridge with a nice view, but as soon as you learn its history the bridge becomes something more. For people who are interested in Asahikawa’s history, we recommend you visit the Hokuchin Museum near this course.

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery along the Rivers: The Riverside Course


Quoted:Asahikawa city

Asahikawa is the perfect mix of nature and city, so a lot of the trees and nature have been left untouched along the many rivers, with the Taisetsu mountain range on the outskirts of the city creating the perfect background. The riverside course that we recommend is the best course for getting close to this nature. This course will bring you to the town next to Asahikawa called Higashikawama-cho, a town where people from all over Japan are currently moving to. This is a very active town full of outdoor activities, and is registered as a “friend town” to the famous Japanese outdoor brand, “Montbell.” There are many small shops and cafes throughout the town. This town is also known for being an eco-friendly town, where all the residents pump their own natural water.


The cafes in Higashikawa-cho also pump their own natural water, which make them an exciting place to a take a break during your bike ride. There are also many people who have moved from foreign countries living in Higashikawa-cho, many of whom have started their own shops.

Rental spot in Asahikawa is near hotels you stay

Most people visiting Asahikawa are likely to stay near the station where there are a lot of hotels. The bike rentals offered by Basho Trip are available close to the station as well, offering easy access for guests staying in Asahikawa.


Experience Asahikawa like locals do!

Enjoying local roads the same way locals do makes tourism more fun, and renting a bike is a great way to do this. You don’t need to worry about getting lost, as even places where there aren’t many people are completely safe in Hokkaido. When you get on your bike, try visiting places that locals visit. It will give you the sense of living like a local, and will add flavor to your Hokkaido trip.

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