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Sightseeing taxi in Asahikawa Biei and Furano

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Why Sightseeing Taxis are recommended when traveling in Hokkaido

北海道でドライブHokkaido’s top destinations are Sapporo and Otaru, which are fairly close from Shinchitose Airport, and Asahikawa, Furano, and Biei, located a little ways away. Many visitors may choose to get around using buses and trains rather than renting a car.

For visitors wondering the best method to get around, we highly recommend the sightseeing taxis. Although there are many ways to get around – trains, buses, rental cars, rental bikes – we highly recommend sightseeing taxis simply because the area of Hokkaido is big (the largest island in Japan, in fact!).


Hokkaido’s transit system is of course well developed, but there will be cases where visitors can waste time waiting for a bus or train that only comes once an hour.

It also might be worrisome for visitors to drive their rental cars on unfamiliar roads during snowy weather. It’ll be a good use of time to have a local driver take you around in a sightseeing taxi, as he/she can act as your local tour guide as well!

Biei and Furano are popular destinations for sightseeing taxis that start at Asahikawa

The Asahikawa area is known for nature-rich destination spots, including Biei and Furano.


Simply driving on the roads around Furano and Asahikawa will be a sight to behold as there are an abundance of nature and flower fields.

Between Asahikawa and Furano lies Biei-cho, a town that was selected as Japan’s most beautiful towns.

Sightseeing taxi tours introduced by Bashotrip include courses that take visitors to the hills of Biei, the lavender flower fields of Furano, the Blue Pond of Biei, the Asahiyama Zoo of Asahikawa, or all courses combined! 就実の丘Visitors can surely enjoy the abundant nature of Hokkaido.

Tours for the hungry!

Hokkaido is known for its delicious food, and it’s even more important to use your limited time wisely to hit up all the good eats. This food tour in Asahikawa will feature the classic Japanese dish – ramen. Asahikawa is known to be one of the best cities for delicious ramen, and the Ramen Village, a collection of many ramen shops, is surely a must visit for visitors who enjoy ramen.


Quoted:Asahikawa tourist & combention association


Brewery tour of Asahikawa’s local Otokoyama sake, 男山followed by a jingisukan dinner paired with local beer is surely to be a great tour for foodies.

Asahikawa’s world famous gardens

Asahikawa’s sightseeing taxis will take visitors to Asahiyama Zoo, Japan’s most popular zoo,旭山動物園

and the world famous Ueno Farm gardens.

Ueno farm

As such, sightseeing taxis that depart from Sapporo and Otaru are more city-focused, while taxis that depart from Asahikawa can take tourists around more nature-centric areas.

Sightseeing taxis can accommodate friends’ groups, families, and big parties


Taxi tours introduced by Basho trip can flexibly accommodate parties of all sizes. For groups of 4 or less, we will introduce a normal size taxi. Groups of 5+ will be paired with a bigger taxi that can fit up to 8 people. Wheelchair accessible taxis are also available upon request. Sightseeing taxis can solve the logistics headache that comes with traveling with a big group. Traveling and covering a lot of area in Hokkaido in a limited time is key to ensuring a memorable trip! Please consider using a sightseeing taxi during your next visit to Hokkaido!

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