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Canyoning in Furano


What is Canyoning in Furano?


Canyoning originated in France and has become a very popular sport in Europe! You climb, canoe, and dive through valleys. However, our canyoning tour held in Furano is a little less athletic as we will be playing in rivers and streams.

You can jump into streams and waterfalls like a natural water-slide or just swim and float in rivers. This activity is only held during summer, and is recommended for couples, families, and friends! Enjoy nature’s playground!

Ways to Enjoy Canyoning


There are infinite ways to enjoy canyoning in Furano. You can let your body fall through the waterfalls and river streams as if you are sliding down a water slide. You could snorkel through the river and watch various fish swim beneath you.

You could also get hit by a small waterfall to meditate and find inner peace, like a monk. Enjoy playing in rivers and streams shaped in various ways, created by the rich nature of Furano.

Perfect for Everyone! (Older than 13)


Maybe some of you may have a violent image about canyoning, but we want you to wipe this image off. In fact, we actually receive a lot of reservations from families with children and female groups.

Since canyoning is done in wild nature, there are some dangerous spots with fierce river flow. Therefore, we ask all our participants to listen to our guide and safety lecture carefully.

For safety purposes, children must be older than 13 to participate.

How to be Safe while Canyoning


For our canyoning tour, we ask all of our participants to wear a wetsuit, a life jacket, water shoes/diving boots, and a helmet for safety purposes.

Our experienced guide will make sure of safety during the tour and train you well beforehand.
In addition, in most cases, your shoulder will stay above water, so don’t worry even if you are not confident in swimming. However, even with all the safety equipment and training, accidents do happen. So we ask for all of you to carefully listen to your guide at all times and avoid doing anything dangerous or selfish that may also put others in danger.

With all of that in mind, enjoy canyoning in one of the most beautiful places in Hokkaido!

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