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Hokkaido’s Night Tours

susukinoWhen asked about Hokkaido’s nightlife, one might imagine Susukino, Sapporo’s top entertainment district. However, there are many more ways to enjoy Hokkaido’s nightlife. Why not enjoy the intersection or urban and nature with a night tour during your next visit to Hokkaido?

Night picnic at Sapporo’s natural parks

night picnicNight tours that let visitors enjoy Sapporo’s abundant, greens are also offered. One tour will bring visitors to Maruyama Park, a location that is loved by locals and often serves as a symbol of Sapporo. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees, or even those of your footsteps during the quiet, serene night will surely be an experience to remember. The best part of the night tour is the view of the starry skies. The tour guide will bring wine and appetizers that will accompany the night views. This tour is recommended for visitors who are looking to spend a romantic or relaxing evening.

Furano’s night tours are recommended for visitors looking for a wild experience

Sapporo’s night tours are more for those who have an urban appetite, but Furano’s night tours offer more chances to interact with nature.

Winter exclusive nighttime nature tour in Furano

furano winterFurano’s night tours are highly recommended during the wintertime. The entire area will be covered in snow – even a slight bit of moonlight or streetlight can reflect against the snow, creating a mystical ambiance. Depending on the time of the evening, the lights from the sky will reflect against the white snow surface, creating a beautiful scenery that can only be appreciated by those who actually make the visit.

Explore wintertime Furano with snowshoes

night snowshoeingNighttime snowshoe tours are a great way to explore the vast snow fields of Furano. Furano is known to be an area with heavy snow accumulation, but the nighttime starry skies in the winter are truly a beauty to behold. Cold winter nights offer clearer night skies, allowing visitors to enjoy the view of the sky that’s totally different from its summer counterpart. The abundant snow that absorbs all sound also offer a very quiet atmosphere for visitors. Why not enjoy the beautiful night skies while trekking around in your snowshoes? This tour is encouraged for people of all ages – from couples to families with children!

furano onsenAfter snowshoeing around Furano, warm up your body by going for a dip in the natural hot springs. This onsen is a local favorite in Furano – enjoy a relaxing time in the outdoor baths while staring up in the winter starry skies.

Hokkaido’s night tours

There are multiple ways to enjoy Hokkaido’s night tours. From urban night view tours in Sapporo to wintertime onsen or nature tours in Furano, there is a tour for all tastes and preferences!

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