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Hot Air Balloon in Furano

hot air balloon

Have You Ever Ridden a Hot Air Balloon?

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could look over the entire Hokkaido up from the sky? Hokkaido hot air balloon tour will help make those dreams come true.

Don’t worry about the safety of this tour since our trained tour guide will be in charge of the entire operation. You won’t have to do a single thing on the hot air balloon! Just lay back and enjoy the scenery!

Various Hot Air Balloons Types Available in Furano

In general, hot air balloons are pretty well-known, but did you know that there are two types?

The first one is a gas balloon. This type puts helium or hydrogen gas in the balloon, making it float very high in air as these two gases are lighter than air.


The second one is a hot air balloon that floats by a steam created from burning a burner. This type will be used in our Hokkaido tours.

In addition to this, hot air balloons have two ways to fly. The first method is called the tethered-balloon flight. One or more tethers will be attached to the ground to prevent the balloon from floating freely. You will be 20~30 meters up in the sky, but will be staying in one spot, making it a relatively safe activity.
The second method is called the free-flight, which the balloon floats in the air freely with the wind. We assume most people usually want to experience the latter type.

Experience Free-Flight in Furano


We assume free-flights are what everyone wants to experience, but there are only limited locations in Japan to experience free-flights. But Furano is one of the best locations to experience this in Japan! Furano’s wide land is perfect for free flight hot air balloon flights, since there are no obstacles in the route such as a tall building. This helps the activity to be more exciting and safe!

But… How Safe is it?


Please don’t worry too much about the safety of this activity. Of course there are always risks, but we make sure you get the best trained guide/operator in Furano! They are all well-trained and have long, trusting experiences in flying balloons.

In addition, their technique will be shown not only by flying the balloon but by how steadily and smoothly they can land on the landing point! Moreover, hot air balloon rides are only available for a limited time period. It is only available during the winter when the snow piles up and a wider land can be used. It is also important that the climate conditions are met, which usually only happens in the early morning.
Therefore, please keep in mind that our hot air balloon tours will not be carried out unless all the climate conditions are met, as we must keep the tours safe for all of our participants.

You Must Join Us!


Imagine looking over Furano, covered in white snow, glowing in silver from the sky. We can guarantee it will be an unforgettable memory for all of you! In addition to that, a picture taken during the flight will be given as a souvenir to take home. Since this tour is only held during the winter season, we provide a free pick-up/drop-off service from Furano.
If you plan to join us, make sure to wear warm clothes as it will most likely be extremely cold during the tour!

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