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Natural Outdoor Hot Spring in Furano

hotspring in winter

Natural Outdoor Hot Spring in Furano with a winter View

One of the charms of traveling to Furano in winter will be the nature-made outdoor hot spring with “Yukimi” -a view of the snowy field! Compared to other natural outdoor hot springs in Japan, the one in Furano is unique because it is located in the middle of nature. It will surely be a fantastic experience for all of you!

If You Feel Uncomfortable Bathing in the Middle of Nature…

If you feel uncomfortable bathing in the middle of nature, we also have a tour that will take you to a hot spring facility called “Hakugin-So” in Fukiage hot spring area.
スノーシュー&温泉It is located in the middle of Tokachidake (Mount Tokachi) and is popular not only amongst the locals but throughout Japan. You can also enjoy winter sports such as snowshoes in this area beforehand and enjoy a nice hot bath afterward. Hakugin-So is equipped with various facilities such as Hinoki (cypress) bathtub, pelting hot water, rock bath and sauna. We recommend it to everyone from families with children to friends and couples.

Hokkaido’s Most Popular “Fukiage hot spring”

“Fukiage-No-Yu” (Fukiage hot spring) is located at the foot of the Tokachidake (Tokachi mountains) near “Hakugin-So” hot spring facility.
雪見露天Although it is a popular sightseeing spot in Hokkaido, the whole area gets covered in snow during winter, making it difficult to visit. This is why we recommend you to sign up for this tour for easy access. Keep in mind that it is a mixed bath, and you will be sharing it with others. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit and towels.

Health Benefits of Fukiage Hot Spring

The water of Fukiage hot spring is transparent and the efficacies are chronic skin diseases, neuralgia, rheumatism, frozen shoulder, chronic gynecology, and arteriosclerosis. Since the water is acidic, you may feel a slight tingling when you go inside the water. There are two outdoor hot spring baths here. The one located on the top is small but the water temperature is very high, so please be careful. Another bath located at the bottom is slightly hot, but not as much as the one on the top. (The water temperature is roughly between 41 ° C to 48 ° C) We recommend you to start from the bottom one and move your way up. Use the snow around you to lower the water temperature. Small scoops will be available for you.

What to Expect at a Mixed Bath

Please keep in mind that almost all of the natural hot springs in Furano are a mixed bath. There is also no place to get changed. Therefore, please make sure to bring large towels and swimwear when visiting these hot springs (applies to both men and women). Sharing a bath with strangers may sound a bit uncomfortable for some of you. However, ”Fukiage-No-Yu” becomes hard to access even for the locals during winter, so you will not find many people there. We recommend this tour to everyone from families, couples to a group of friends. If you are lucky, you may be able to have the whole thing to yourself! We also offer a night tour. You may be able to enjoy the starts from the hot spring if the weather is good.

Experience Furano!

Winter in Furano can get extremely harsh. You may not be able to leave your accommodation or may have to cancel your travel plans if the weather gets bad. However, we strongly suggest you make a visit to Furano because there are many activities you can only experience here. Everything you will see and do will be a once in a lifetime experience. Come to Furano and try something new!

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