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Snowshoeing in Furano


Snowshoeing in the Silver World of Furano


Snowshoes are a shoe-like tool that you wear to walk over snow without sinking. They can be used as a regular pair of shoes, and are very useful to walk uphill and downhill unless the road isn’t too steep.
スノーシュー&温泉One of the fun things of snowshoeing is to walk over brand new snow that no one has touched yet.
鳥沼公園_スノーシューNot only will you get to walk around in the snow, but you will also be able to explore the beautiful forests of Furano.

How to Snowshoe

Snowshoe is very simple. All you have to do is to wear it under your shoes. They will help you from getting caught in the snow and will prevent you from falling and getting hurt. Our experienced guide will also be there to show you how to walk in snowshoes, so you will get enough practice before you start exploring the silver world of Furano, Hokkaido.

Wildlife of Furano

One of the charms of experiencing snowshoeing in Furano is being able to explore places where people usually can’t. If you are lucky, you may meet various wildlife of Hokkaido!
キタキツネFor instance, you may encounter some of Hokkaido’s widely known animals such as Ezo red foxes, Ezo deer, and chipmunks.
スノーシューEven if you can’t meet any animals while snowshoeing, you will most likely see cute animal footprints left in white snow!

Various Ways to Enjoy Snowshoeing in Furano

冬のアウトドアA snowshoe is a great tool to help you explore the beautiful nature of Hokkaido during winter. If you like to explore nature, we recommend you to go snowshoe trekking in the forests of Furano.

If you want to relax in the forest, you can go for a snowshoe picnic.
If you like to take walks, snowshoe through nature and enjoy chatting with your family and friends.
スノーシュー If you wish to stroll through a fantastic night forest, join our night snowshoe tour.

What to Wear for Snowshoeing

When snowshoeing, you will be outdoors for a long time. Furano’s winter is particularly cold, so make sure to prepare well. It is especially important to be in warm clothes which cover your ears, neck, feet, and hands.
スノーシュー&温泉In Japan, we also have a pocket-sized heat pad called “Hokkairo” sold everywhere such as convenience stores and drugstores. These also come in handy when snowshoeing. Make sure to dress appropriately and have a great time during this tour!

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